ACQUA Wellness, located in the Springhurst Towne Center in Louisville, Kentucky was founded by Michele and Stuart Ray in March 2016.  It features 2 flotation therapy rooms and 4 custom infrared saunas.   “Wellness” means many things to many people.  We at ACQUA Wellness are committed to providing the highest quality Flotation and Infrared Sauna Therapy to all customers.   ACQUA’s mission is to share the miraculous benefits of floating and infrared sauna therapy with the world and make it approachable and accessible for all.

ACQUA is a health “spa” in the European tradition, where taking time dedicated to deep relaxation is considered both a natural and essential part of a healthy life.  The idea that relaxation is vital to good health is an ancient one. Throughout history and across cultures, people have visited spas seeking respite and restoration, experiencing the natural curative powers of mineral waters, sauna, massage, and other healing treatments.

At ACQUA, we are using the term “spa” in this traditional sense, a place of SANCTUARY, dedicated to healing BODY, MIND, and SOUL.

The modern world today is buzzing with activity, and when we’re constantly bombarded with light, noise, and information, it can be extremely hard to wind down, take a break, and just RELAX.

At ACQUA, we believe that taking time away from our daily routines, shutting out sensation and reconnecting inwards allows us to step back into the world refreshed, restored, and better able to cope with the stresses of modern life.   By offering a time and space devoted to deep relaxation, we hope to empower people to live happier, healthier lives.

ACQUA’s interior is influenced by Scandinavian design, a movement characterized by simplicity, minimalism, and functionality. Beauty is found expressed through clean lines, radiated through light color, and evoked with inspirations of nature and the ample use of wood.

This is a special place to take some time to relax, contemplate yourself and the universe, be inspired by beauty, and take away peace, health, happiness, restored energy and strength that will follow you in every moment of your living.

ACQUA Wellness provides the ultimate environment for your mind, body and soul to reach it’s maximum potential for relaxation, clarity, detoxification and healing through Flotation and Infrared Therapy.

We look forward to welcoming you to ACQUA!

Michele Ray, Founder


I feel great going post workout! A great way to burn an extra 500-600 calories! Be prepared to relax, flush out toxins, improve skin and overall wellness! Since it was my first time, an employee explained how the sauna works and showed me how to change the lighting inside the sauna. Each session is 40 mins and there’s a timer inside the room. You can also bring your headphones and listen to music while you relax and sweat!
— Anna Z.
This place is absolutely amazing! Everything is brand new and clean and modern decor. The staff was so nice and helpful. This was my first time in an infrared sauna so they explained everything and what to expect. This was such a great way to relax but also burn calories. It gets your heart rate up and you sweat. A LOT. After the session I felt so refreshed. . . I will definitely be back!.
— -Olivia R.
I hope to use it on average three times a week. What the infrared sauna does for my skin alone is worth every penny. I have such a glow! It is more rejuvenating than anything else I’ve tried, and I think it’s going to be great during cold and flu season.
— Jordan V.
This is my first time floating and it was amazing. I don’t know if I actually fell asleep or what but I felt fantastic! You must arrive early for your first time where they will explain how it works. Pretty simple- you shower in your in room shower, ear plugs if you’d like (I did and the sounds of my breath actually were pretty relaxing) you hop in and can shut the pod or leave it open. I shut mine and felt no claustrophobia because the ceiling is high. The salt water will definitely point out any cuts you may have but they provide Vaseline to put on any before hand. You may keep the light on or go totally dark. The pod is really easy to open and you are only in ten inches of water. They recommend really clearing your mind so if it starts to wander count your breaths. It was amazing how you just floated so easily- it was pure relaxation. I felt so energized when it was over I couldn’t wait to go on with the rest of my day! Their space is so new and modern I can’t wait to go back!
— Shelby R.